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鈥淚n the future, the plan is to take both AND and Global Desi brands to more tier -II and -III markets as well as to penetrate deeper in the metro markets,鈥?she says. OPEN URL
“The bare necessities for the basic physical activities would be the fastest selling within the activewear category, such as yoga pants, leggings and sports bra. As casual culture continues further, leggings are becoming category crushers, replacing denim jeans. Sport bras are a vital part of this segment and have been one of the fastest selling products. Brands who expertise in sports bras have an upper hand as it is a technical garment with minimal costs and wastage, making it a profitable business with competitive price points,” says Sunishka Goenka. OPEN URL

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Launched simultaneously across online and brick-and-mortar stores, the loyalty program allows aggregation and redemption of points across all Fabindia stores. Besides giving customers the opportunity to earn and accumulate points against their shopping spends, feedback and referrals, the Fabfamily loyalty program extends to offer curated experiences, such as a vacation in an inspired environment, a fabulous meal at a handpicked restaurant, an adventurous trail in the outdoors, or a discovery trip into a unique artisanal cluster. OPEN URL
Arjun Gehlot: See we specifically follow the concept of zoning very seriously in both of our properties, so according to that, we have international brands on the ground floor. The women brands are collected and are accommodated in one area of the mall. Likewise, we have categories on every floor, which makes shopping very easy for the customers. There is a mix of everything. Indian brands are also coming to be at par with the international brands that we have. So, it鈥檚 more about what the customers want. The taste and demand of the customer also varies from different parts of the city and it is very essential to understand it. At the end of the day, its more about market research and customer choice. For example, the customer is very different in Gurugram, Delhi and Noida in brackets of style, fashion, price and purchase. So, a mall has to understand the needs of the people coming to it. We select the brands accordingly. OPEN URL

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